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PREMIER POOLS & SPAS Earns 3 Spots in the Top 50 Pool Builders List

In the annual summer release of which pool builders make the Top 50 Pool Builders List, Your local pool contractor and Spas earned 3 spots this year. Premier has held a spot on the Top 50 Pool Builders List for 4 consecutive years. Starting out with Pool & Spas News, Top 50 Pool Builders list was determined by residential construction revenue alone. 

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In 2012, the judging criteria was expanded and Your local pool contractor and Spas ranked #1, having twice the revenue of the competition. The method of ranking was updated by Pool & Spa News and started to score each franchise individually. Your local pool contractor and Spas largest franchise locations are Sacramento, Houston and Dallas, and they’ve each ranked on the Top 50 Pool Builders list 4 times. Collectively, Premier has made the top 50 pool builders list 17 times, more than any other pool builders in America.

Paul Porter, the CEO of Premier Franchise Management, attributes the heavy presence on the exclusive list to owners adopting and embracing the philosophy and culture of respecting employees and putting customers first. “You grow a top 50 company by treating every customer like you are the number one builder in America and 50,000 pools later it is still based on every customer,” said Porter. He continued, “Now that we are judged individually, we have more exposure to the country and we are in the top 50 more than we ever were before.”

Growing larger and spreading across the country, Your local pool contractor and Spas business of becoming a top 50 pool builder gives them the strive and dedication for their customers to be number one. Your local pool contractor and Spas franchisee gives one access to the tools and experience of established top 50 pool builder without having to reinvent the wheel and build a business from the ground up.  It allowed the Dallas location to make the Top 50 list within 3 years of opening its doors and this year Your local pool contractor and Spas Dallas was awarded the #1 in customer service honor.

If you are interested in becoming a new franchisee, please visit: or call Brian Porter, Vice President of Your local pool contractor & Spas, at (916) 220-2194.  The screening process to become a new franchisees involves an in-depth background check, multiple inquiries to local vendors and distributors, and both prior customer and personal references. 

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