Add Some Flame and Flair to Your Dallas Backyard

Add a glowing centerpiece to your Dallas backyard this fall by installing a fire pit or fireplace for year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for adding warmth to your backyard for cozy gatherings on cool nights or to set the scene for intimate outdoor dining. From modern to rustic, permanent too portable, here are three amazing options you may want to consider when choosing a fireplace or pit to suit the architecture of your home and living style.

Small Fireplaces



Small fireplaces are great options for anyone with limited space who want to make their Dallas backyard more entertaining. Your choices are truly endless when it comes to finding a small fireplace to compliment you home. There are many different designs and styles for small outdoor fireplaces that you may want to consider. Like larger fireplaces, they are available in a variety of materials including ceramic, stucco, brick and granite. Metal fireplaces are also a popular choice among owners looking to add great visual to their small space.  

Got A Deck? Try Adding a Fireplace!



If you have a deck that just doesn’t seem to cut it, try adding a fireplace. Adding a fireplace to your deck is a great way to add warmth to your outdoor space and at the same time make your house appear more welcoming. It can add a soothing and calming ambiance to your deck and provide lighting for outdoor dining. As with small fireplaces, there are a number of options that you can consider. Choose from custom deck and portable electric fireplaces, whatever best complements your deck!

Modern Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Dallas Home



Outdoor fireplaces come in a number of designs, from traditional and rustic to modern and contemporary. If your Dallas house carries a contemporary allure, and you want to make it more attractive and welcoming, try throwing in a modern style fireplace into the mix that will blend effortlessly with the design of your home.  Modern fireplaces can be custom designed to include a number of adornments and shapes that will enhance the look of your home. Also, unlike their more traditional counterparts, modern fireplaces are often conveniently powered by gas or propane, eliminating the need for you to stack up on wood whenever it gets cold.

Installing a fireplace is a great way to upgrade your home. However, before adding a fireplace to your home there are a few fireplace safety tips you may want to consider to help you decide where to install it. Simply things such as ensuring that there are no low hanging branches or flammable objects near the fireplace can help you to keep your home safe. You’ll also want to ensure that you choose a fire resistant mat if you decide to place one by your fireplace. Should there be an accident, it’s always best to have a supply of water nearby. This is one of the main reason why many people choose to incorporate their fireplace into their swimming pool area.  

At Your local pool contractor and Spas of Dallas, we specialize in installing swimming pools and attractive backyard finishing touches such as fireplaces. Our team of highly skilled Dallas pool builders will design a stunning fireplace around your pool that fits effortlessly into your backyard and stays true to  your budget. Our number one goal is always to provide our customers with value for their dollar.  For a taste of what you can get from us, check out our photo galleries on your way out and be sure to give us a call to find out how we can help you!

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